== DVBViewer ==

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== DVBViewer ==

مُساهمة  المدير في الأحد فبراير 03, 2008 6:37 pm


Passwort : Rocket

Version ---------------------- - Fix: The Wizard ignored the recording folders if using an existing configuration. - Fix: DVD Playpack without video. - Fix: Channellist: If the favourite filter was set, changes in the favouriteseditor did not show up in the channellist until disabling, enabling the favourite filter. - Fix: SFI: removed non displaying chars. - Fix: OSD-Recording window: the command.ini got the wrong filesnames. - Fix: PIP: moving with the mouse did not work with vista correctly. - Fix: Small Videowindow: moving with the mouse did not work with vista correctly. - Fix: Favouriteeditor: folder could be placed in folder and triggered an exception. - Fix: AC3/AAC fixes from Griga integrated. Fixes Problem no AC3 recording on certain channel in mpeg format. - Fix: CC-Subtitel ATSC reworked. - Fix: Wizard sometimes messed up with network devices. - Fix: thumbnail folder were not create if usermode=0. - Fix: OSDSkin: several problems corrected if a skin ignores some standards. - Fix: Hardwareoptions: sharelnb was not hidden on tunertype change. - Change: Timeshift: In Timeshift mode pressing stop the first time stopps the timeshift recording, pressing stop a second time stopps timeshift completely. - Change: Options: All decoder selection boxes display system default in red. - Workaround: Cyberlink resets colorcontrol on renderer state change in overlay. - Add: Hardware: Terratec s2 dection integrated. - Fix: aac audio only recordings now have the extention ".aac". - Fix: DVBsubtitle reworked. - Fix: DiseqC 1.2: Westposition were ignored


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مُساهمة  sadikbob في الأحد أغسطس 03, 2008 3:07 pm

06..3C 13 3A 3F 32 3E C6 89 A6 FF 4C 0F AE E9 74 F7


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